The Sippy Cup Miracle

When can your baby handle a sippy cup? The big step happened for us when Hess was 4 and a half months old. Now, I know people might say that’s not possible, but I genuinely believe that the choice of sippy cup did it all.  Although she was still breastfed at that time, she had around 10-15 minutes to play with the cup and drink water or tea as the doctor recommended. In this way Hess was accepting the cup as a toy and continued drinking milk without any problems.

Some babies take to a sippy cup immediately, while others take a while to get used to the idea. Here are some tips on making the transition easier:

  • Start off with a soft, pliable, nipple-like spout, which will feel more familiar to your baby than a hard plastic spout.
  • Show your baby how to raise the cup to his mouth and tip it up to drink.
  • Give it some time. Until your baby masters the technique, you may want to put water in the cup to avoid too many messes. Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t use the sippy cup properly for a while. It makes a fine toy, too!
  • Try different models until you find one that suits your baby. Some cups have valves that are so effective at keeping the liquid from spilling that children really have to work to get a drink.

Experts say  “Never let your child take a sippy cup of juice or milk to bed. The sugars can pool in his mouth and cause tooth decay. The same goes for walking around with one in hand, nursing it for hours on end. A good rule of thumb is to limit juice to meals and snacks and refill his sippy cup with water when he’s thirsty.” Now, in our case I offered Hess only water or  unsweetened tea.

I was only 7 months pregnant when I found this cup and after I read about it, I thought its the right choice if i want my baby to learn fast how to drink from a cup; and it was.

Ok, so here you have the Momma Cup


mOmma rocking beverage systems for babies and toddlers offer some extra movement and fun over traditional cups. mOmma Baby Feeding Bottles, Sippy Cups and Rocking Cups have cool roly poly bottoms that weeble and wobble, but they won’t fall down, or more importantly spill! This clever design keeps drinks in motion, increases your baby’s motor skills and helps to strengthen their grip. Available in child-pleasing bright shades of green or orange, each cup and bottle in the mOmma line is BPA and phthalate-free and features a non-spill lid.

The SIPPY CUP FROM THE LANSINOH mOmma LINE that we have is the non-spil cup with the soft spout. Before I tried to give it in my daughters hands, I was giving her a little bit of tea or water just to see if she accepts it.  Well, drum roll please, Hess loved it from the start (4mnths and 2 weeks) and did not hit me in the face with it, like she usually does with things. I still wonder where does she get that strength from. Ok, so after she was able to hold it by herself (mentioning: the cup is really light) she actually reclined on the bouncer seat looking really relaxed. The best part, the cup is really really non-spil. You can hold it upside down, shake it or dance for your baby with it in your hands…not that I usually do that. 🙂


Hessy and her favorite cup (.cont)


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