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Sun Safety and Fun

Summertime ushers in many new activities for you and your babies. Since this lovely weather turned a bit above 20 degrees, we moved outside with all the artilery.


As much as I love her golden in the sunlight, I am aware that babies under six months old should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should only be given minimal amounts of sunscreen if absolutely necessary. My baby is now 7 months and a half and we are still a bit scared to leave her play in the sun for more than 5 minutes. With all the fuss around the solar explosions, I think I have some sort of paranoia. Everytime I look at the sun (with my eyes shut) it hurts, so I imagine what it does to my little baby’s eyes. So, when it comes to baby sun safety, how much sunlight is enough sunlight? Experts recommend that individuals with fair skin get about ten minutes of sunlight each day. People with darker skin tones will need slightly longer amounts of time in the sun in order for the body to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D. Most importantly, for the body to make enough vitamin D, the skin must be bare and free from sunscreen. I say direct sunlight is important, so go outside and skip the baby sun protection for about ten minutes each day. Under you can see my baby has slightly darker skin tones and we noticed that after 10 minutes of playing in the sun, she was showing a lovely tanned skin color. Because her father has no problems getting sunburnt in the summer, I think she gets it from him…


But still, I do not care about how much Vitamin D she is getting from sunlight…I am scared. When we first noticed she is getting a tan we thought the time spent outside was too much, but everytime we go in the park or just stay outside she looks so healthy. So it must be doing her good… not to mention how well (and peacefully) she sleeps. We did a test. One day we did not go anywhere, all the activities we had were inside the house. Well…I can post a picture so you can see her reaction :))


Bored, and tired!

I will give you some tips on outdoor activities and Sun Protection:

Hydrate. Make sure your baby is sufficiently hydrated to withstand the heat and sun exposure.

Put a hat on that baby. Make sure your baby is wearing a wide-brimmed hat that provides sufficient shade and protects the ears and neck, two critical areas that are not covered with a baseball hat.

Keep your baby in the shade. If there is no natural shade, create shade with an umbrella, canopy, or even a lightweight blanket.

Avoid certain times. Avoid the peak times of sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Take baby for an early morning or later afternoon/evening walk instead. You’ll avoid the hottest part of the day and, since infants don’t sweat well, will make it easier for them to stay cool.

Use sunscreen sparingly. Limit sunscreen use to areas that cannot easily be covered or shaded, such as the hands and face. Young babies have thin skin, which can more easily absorb ingredients from sunscreen and which also is easily irritated—especially by chemical sunscreens. When you do use a sunscreen, consider one that physically blocks the sun’s rays; look for the ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as these do not usually irritate delicate skin.

…and other things such as protecting the baby’s skin when riding the car because glass does not block the UVA rays.

Keep your baby safe and enjoy the Summer like we do!