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Back in Business

Days go by much faster since there’s 4 of us. I have been thinking if I should delete this blog or keep it for my daughters to have a laugh when they’re older. Looking back at the written articles makes me feel old and oh my, how much we have learned since the first post. Time spent with my daughters is the Best Kind of time, so I decided to keep a little journal of our adventures together, who knows, I might have some ideas that others might find helpful. But this time, I have back-up, my 4 year old daughter H. Well soon to be 4…this summer she is still my threenager! 

Summer time, our favorite (I love autumn, but that’s a secret) helped our Little garden grow bigger. This year we managed to harvest so many greens that every dinner has pesto 😐 and every breakfast has tomatos. The last year ruccola plants have multimillionmultiplied and we don’t have enough family members to eat it. And probably All the houses from our street will have ruccola salad tonight. But this made me think that sharing is indeed caring. Even if we did not receive anything back, it made us feel Good. My girls are learning to share and by planting they learn that nature is everything… and so is love. So I tell my girls this:

Give. But don’t allow yourself be used

Love. But don’t allow yourself to be abused

Trust. But don’t be naive

Listen. But don’t lose your own voice

And because all that gardening and playing outside in the pool got us tired, I prepared a very fresh summer smoothie, green as we like it. Easy: 

  1. Handful Fresh spinach
  2. 2-3 slices of melon
  3. 2-3 cubes of Mango 
  4. 4 leaves of fresh mint
  5. Half cup Soy yogurt (you can also add apple juice)
  6. Ice cubes 

Sprinkle some Chia seeds and voila! Fresh mama 👌


”YEEEY” for 2016

After a long break…*We have a toddler that talks nonstop, sings, eats well, uses the potty alone, and practices activities meant for adults. So excuse us for being absent for such a long time.

We are back with great news. 2016 came with the best present. Hess has been promoted to Big Sister and she already started practicing. Pregnancy with a toddler is not as hard as I expected, surprisingly it is more beautiful, because I have a daughter that tells me every morning „You have a baby in your belly, YEEEY”. At 20 weeks pregnant, leaving aside the part that I cannot hold her in my arms for longer then 5 minutes *sciatica pain needs to find another friend* everything is better that it was with the first pregnancy.

The moment you announce you’re pregnant, people start giving you food to eat, a chair to sit in. Everything you do you need to do it with extra care…and  you have an excuse to bulk up! But it does not work that way. I find it hard to explain it to people that we do not need to eat twice as much as we did when we were not pregnant. What we need to do is eat smaller amounts, more frequently. Eating well during pregnancy is more than simply increasing how much you eat. You must also consider what you eat.I found myself having an argument with my grandmother, she insisted I do not eat enough and I ended up explaining to her how my organs get squashes during pregnancy and how much does my stomach change in shape. You can read about it here. Surprisingly, in the first trimester I had no craving at all, but as soon as I felt the baby move, they came like Boom.

The day starts with a smoothieDSC_0224[1].jpg and some cereals, then i usually have a soup or a salad. Around 2 pm I always eat a healthy big lunch. By 5 pm I am really hungry and try to come up with interesting meals, usually taken from Pinterest, but they never look as good :(. Dinner is served at 7 or 8 pm. Between all these, I eat fruits *fresh or dried, drink 2 l o  water, tea with a lot of ginger and psst, chocolate. My secret is: consume only healthy, organic food. That is it. Oh and sleep as much as you can.

Last week I heard a cosmetologist say ”If I cannot eat it I do not put it on my skin” so, for my 2016 New Year Resolution I threw away all my cosmetics and purchased some good old natural oils, butters, and powders. Plant-derived oils and naturally sourced fats and ingredients are better for your skin and body than chemical preservatives and stabilizers. You can also add essential oils to your beauty bag because they are amazing. Promised myself to use only natural organic products. It is cheaper, healthier and it gives you the ability to mix endless products, whichever suits you better…Ps. You probably have most of the ingredients in your home.

My favorite homemade recipe is the exfoliating oats mask. Simple and efficient.


  • 1 tablespoon ground oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon yogurt


Do facial steaming before applying this mask to open up your pores and enable the nutrients of the mask to sink deep into your skin.

Combine all the ingredients above and mix well in a small mixing bowl. Apply a thick coat to your face with clean finger tips. Let it settle for 15 minutes. When the time is up, gently rinse your face with warm water and ensure the entire mask comes off. Splash cold water on your face to close up your pores. Pat dry with a soft clean towel. You can use a wide variety of oils (my personal favorite is the avocado oil) to moisturize your face incase it feels a bit dry and stiff after patting dry your face.

Until next time,winterfun





Time Flies

“The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond one’s grasp just when you want to hold onto them for as long as possible.” 

Wow, I look at my daughter (now 6 months old) and cannot believe how fast it all went. Someone asked me once “What if the notion of time wouldn’t exist?”…I still don’t know how to answer that question but I realize now, when every moment has its beauty, that the bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

So for every moment that might seem significant… I will share it with you, maybe if we gather our time together, it will seem longer. 


When I first found out I will be a mother, I instantly knew it was going to be the best thing that will happen to me. Now, six months after my baby girl Hess was born…I admit, it is more than “best”


Welcome to Hessy’s world